If you lazy fuc*ers like Cameron Kelly want to fake covid for 3 months it ain’t happening. I’ll have you all replaced. You’ll all produce a real test result. It’s not happening again. Were not not having test result. I’ve got connections.

I’m sorry ladies. A black chick gave me herpes on purpose. I get to say a black girl kissed me and I got herpes. Fuc* bro. I’m so fuc*ing sorry. I really am. I’m so fuc*ing sorry. Guess what? I’m about to get COVID. My father just tested positive and we been together a lot. And were both vaccinated. I’m so fuc*ing sorry. Fuc* that bitc*. A black girl came onto me I didn’t spit game bro. I’m so fuc*ing sorry. I’m about to go down with COVID. I’m fuc*ed. F*ck. F*ck. Her phone off. She got me bro. She’s in myrtle beach her name is katrina and she has blood on her elbows. Brenda gave me a hash pen to hit once. That’s it bro. We don’t give a fuc* bro. We’re all stoners.

Because my employers could see us in the photo booth. They told me they wanted me to date you. That’s why I hit on you. They selected my girlfriend. I made a business decision to longer talk to the women. They already know everything about me. I really make like $40/hr. but anyways I’m sorry but like I can’t let it go what bar managers tried doing to me. Like everybody used to ignore me.

If you want me back then sign your names on a sheet and hand it to Rick. I’ll punk Brenda and Julio out. And her sister and everyone else. And the moment they found out that he is terminally ill they will all quit. That is what Seth Taylor is trying to protect you from. I make $25/hr drinking cocktails and taking selfies of myself and restarting computers. I only drink if they tell me I can. I quit doing that to save my money though.

Not until today. So, I effectively infiltrated the place where they assemble the Door Dash botnet with my charm and looks. Made it through the HR and wam bam figured out how to steal a Door Dash tablet. I did Grub Hub right before that using my own skills. ChowNow? I can’t get that one. Me and Steve Brown’s backpack are about to go have a picnic so I’ll be back later.

Chris Basinger

I’m the best in the world. The lames enjoyed the attention. Now I’m old new and nobody cares. The superficial women aren’t even relevant. I’m laying low.

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